DANUBE residency from July 31th (Beograd) to August 09th (Vukovar)

claudia wegener (alias, RADIO CONTINENTAL DRIFT) on-line sampler : www.archive.org/details/RadioContinentalDrift is a listener with a bag who likes to listen to the ways how an environment becomes audible in languages, in spoken words, conversations. the preferred means of broad-casting her (more and less) audible writings and ‘dramatic’ field recordings are radio waves. these preferences have drawn her more and more into initiating and joining public sound and radio work such as, since spring 2007, the NO-GO-ZONES audio radio project.

NO-GO-ZONES is a collaborative audio radio project developing slow broadcast and radio inter-action between listeners, or in other words, making air-space for and with radio communities. for a current stream of 100 influences on no-go-zones tune in at http://www.radio1001.org/ playlists and archive :