Lives and works in Paris, after more than ten years spent abroad. A graduate from the Chelsea School of Art, with tutors including Dave Ryan, Hayley Newman and Rebecca Warren, she also studied at the San Francisco Art Institute with Laetitia Sonami, George Kuchar and Martin Schmitt (Matmos). For a year, she assisted the curator Alexandre Pollazzon by day and regularly DJayed (liliB) by night in various London venues.

Her artistic practice lies at the crossroads of conceptual performance and sound experimentation, represented by her participative event : Sleep In Opera (l’Opéra du Sommeil) organised in a bunker in the centre of Copenhagen in 2002. Since 1997, She has been taking part in numerous international art events in Brazil, Great Britain, USA, Denmark, Italy, Poland… Her interventions are often accompanied by didactic workshops (Festival Musique Action, ENACT) and she regularly collaborates with other visual and sound artists including Sylvain Marquis, Alice Lewis, David Medalla, Claudia Wegener and the collectives Ottoanna, Addenda and Foreign Investment through live events, urban and radio interventions (Resonnance FM, Agendas of the Venice Bienale). Besides, following the co-founding of a bilingual art review with Rose-Hélène Iché in 1998, she continues to write and translate theoretical texts on art and sound and has been featured in publications by Guy Brett, Sarane Alexandrian, Isidro Hernandez, Renaud Faroux and Bradley Quinn.