The artists will use these sounds as part of their compositions or their interventions. The studios installed on the barges will act as a kind of lab, the locus for transformation of this sound material. The small digital editing stations will facilitate the production of objects later broadcast via a RADIO or presented in the various EVENTS organised in the stopover-cities. These studios will also be the training space for the creative radio workshops.

1. The “Gavroche” barge Owner & mariner : Mr. Philippe GUILLERY The Gavroche is a 30 metres-long, Freycinet-type of barge, moored in Charleroi / Landellies, in Belgium. It will host 12 people on board whilst navigating and up to 50 people at once during the events in the stopover-cities.

2. The “Ile de Texel Nord” barge Owner & mariner : Mr. Francis MILLON The Ile de Texel Nord is a 24 metres-long, Dutch shrimp boat-type of barge, kept in Lyon - France. It will host 12 people on board whilst navigating.

The crew

The crew embarked on each barge will consist of :