Just a few hundreds miles away from the Danube delta two major cities, Ghiurghiu-RO and Rouse-BG are facing each other. They face each other stonily even though they are linked by one of the rare bridges on the eastern part of the Danube. The Festival has been designed as a dialogue between both cities since it will associate Rumanian and Bulgarian artists but also students taking part in a workshop entitled sonic landmarks of the territory in collaboration with EU Space 21 (Rousse-BG), Rokolectiv (Bucharest-RO) and the Elias Canetti House (Ruse-BG). A networked sound installation will be equipped with listening booths and microphones located on either riversides (LE POULPE installation by APO33). The musical selection for the festival will be finalised by Rokolectiv, who organise the Festival of the same name at the Bucarest MNAC. Arena –Ruse’s radio– and MU studio-boat will broadcast the completed creative radio works and will transmit both events via FM waves and the Internet.



14h to 18h : Ghiurghiu Freezone (RO)

14h to 17h - Sound Drop Citysonics (MU) – audio-walk in the freezone of Ghiurghiu’s Harbor

17h - TÔ (France) / live performance nearby the ESD boat

20h Elias Canetti House (BG) Julien Ottavi (Apo33 - Fr) & Jean-Philippe Roux (CS3 – Fr) / Halbot installation & performance Henning Lundkvist (Swe) / live performance

22h Sexaginta Prista (BG) - OPEN AIR Live concerts & DJ Sets

WPMG / Fr Chica and The Folder / De Sillyconductor / Ro Tom Wilson / Uk Prins Thomas / No Cosmiq Microbiq / Ro Vj : SKVJS / Ro


12h - 22h - Canetti House (BG) Le Placard headphone festival

14h - 18h Sound Drop Citysonics (MU) – audio-walk in Rousse /

22h Elias Canetti House (BG) Phill Niblock (USA) & Katherine Liberovskaya (Ca) audio-video live performance vs Joachim Montessuis (Fr) live performance from MONS (BE)

23h - Sexaginta Prista (BG) - OPEN AIR Live concerts & DJ Sets

Pistamashina / Bg Mira Calix / Uk Minus si Ion / Ro Candie Hank / De Camil / Ro Alien Pimp / Ro Vj Vali Chincisan / Ro

At the Canetti House in Ruse, Le Placard, a ten hours headphone festival, is programmed on the 19th of July. The festival “is a particular way of diffusing performances via headphones, thus immersing the audience in a state of concentration. To the present day, about a hundred of Le Placard festivals have taken place, connecting various cities.

In the same venue, Halbot, the sound installation by Julien Ottavi (Apo 33 - FR) and Jean-Philippe Roux (CS3 – FR), will be on view, displaying a local network of recording/broadcast devices linked to different remote spaces.

During the festival, two audio-walks will be held by Collectif MU both in Ruse and the neighboring Ghiurghiu. The Sound Drop audio-walks invite the public to rediscover the cityscapes through sounds that transform the perception of spaces and introduce fiction into reality.