A journey of several months will end in an archipelago-city : sound cruises will be organised as explorations along the many canals crossing Strasbourg. Played on a customised sightseeing riverboat, they will gather several universes made of sounds collected during the river journeys. Located at the very confluence of the Rhine and Danube, the event will enable the audience to discover at once the city and a panorama of European sound creation.

The selection of original sound works will come from the artists in residence on the barges but also from commissioned sound artists asked to rework rough sounds from a distance : These will be works based on

Two types of programs will be available aboard : a continuous diffusion of sound works drawing from the overall journey and a series of live performances. The purpose being to encourage encounters between the audience and the artists. This event will also be broadcast live on the radio in Strasbourg and elsewhere in France and in Europe thanks to the Radio-En-Construction broadcast during the Nuits de l’Ososphère Festival.

PROGRAM from 26th to 28th of september 2008

>> FRIDAY 26 SEPT. : An inaugural cruise from 14h30 to 16h30 with Aki Onda playing live. Then Rainier Lericolais, Christian Zanesi, Phill Niblock & Katherine Liberovskaya, are invited to give a concert in the MAMCS (museum of modern and contemporary art) from 18h30 to 21h.

>> SATURDAY 27 & SUNDAY 28 SEPT. : Many cruises departures on the canals of Strasbourg from the MAMCS to listen to the sound pieces produced during the 3 monthes of artistic residencies and Lives on board.

10h30-12h30 (live by Michel Guillet)
13h-15h (live by Rainier Lericolais)
19h-21h (live by Aki Onda)

7h-9h (live by Michel Guillet)
14h-15h30 (live by Joachim Montessuis)
16h-17h30 (live by Philip Griffiths)


Supported by the city of Strasbourg

In partnership with the MAMCS (museum of modern and contemporary arts of Strasbourg)