The departures of the cruises are on the dock of the MAMCS (museum of modern and contemporary art), then you’ll travel on the canals of Strasbourg. You’ll discover the sound pieces produced during the 3 months of the nomadic artistic residencies of European Sound Delta, and Lives on board, in intercation with the crossed landscapes.

 » FRIDAY 26 SEPT. :
An inaugural cruise from 14h30 to 16h30 with Aki Onda playing live.

10h30-12h30 (live by Michel Guillet)
13h-15h (live by Rainier Lericolais)
19h-21h (live by Aki Onda)

 » SUNDAY 28 SEPT. :
7h-9h (live by Michel Guillet)
14h-15h30 (live by Joachim Montessuis)
16h-17h30 (live by Philip Griffiths)