Two types of programmes will be available on these inner city boat trips lasting from 2h to a whole night : listening sessions and live performances. The pieces played there will be sound works created according to specific landscapes and backgrounds but it will also be an opportunity to trigger real encounters between the audience and the artists. These events will also be broadcast live on the radio thank to the transmission of MU Studio-Boat. The inner spaces of these sightseeing boats will also be designed as a « lounge » space, enabling each member of the audience to chose their listening position (sitting, standing, lying down). During night trips, the projectors aboard will be modulated (intensity, colour, direction, velocity) to match the diffused sound sequences. An artificial fog coming out of a professional smoke machine used in films can possibly enhance the whole set up. These simple set design elements will help utterly transform the perception of the urban spaces that will vary in tune with the succession of sonic ambiences and weather fluctuations. Sound cruises could take place in Rotterdam and Vienna as well as in Strasbourg.