Rokolectiv is one of the most culturally actives NGO’s in Romania, focused on music, new media and contemporary culture. Rokolectiv organize each year Rokolectiv Festival, the most important festival for advanced music and related visual arts in Romania. Rokolectiv emphasizes the cross-over of institutional, academic and popular contexts as well as the interdisciplinarity of music, media, technology and visual arts.

Therefore it significantly contributes to the experimental development of the artistic potential of electronic music in cooperation with design, video, motion graphics and other formats. Due to this exceptional mixture, Rokolectiv attracts a wide audience. As a lively platform for exchange and communication amongst the participants, professionals and visitors, the festival focuses on the social dimensions of music and new media technologies.

Since 2007, Rokolectiv is a member of the European network European Cities of Advanced Sound together with major festivals like Club Transmediale Berlin, Numusic, Todaysart, Unsound, etc. Rokolectiv organize periodically special events, exhibitions, concerts, performances, and screenings workshops, presentations in various venues in Bucharest and abroad.

Coordinator : Cosmin Tapu