"Le Placard-Headphone festival" will happen in duplex between Beograd (on the Danube boat) and Antwerp (at AIR Antwerpen)

SCHEDULE : saturday 2d of August from 6pm

ADRESS : see the location of the boat on the danube on our google map

6:00pm » programmation à venir
6:30pm » programmation à venir
7:00pm » programmation à venir
7:30pm » programmation à venir
8:00pm » Shining Shitbox (ambient death,ambient drone sound from within)
8:30pm » akomploter (complosition ?)
9:00pm » Nord Est [Antwerp] (Shiny rain)
9:30pm » MONTEX aka Joachim Montessuis [Antwerp] (guillaume le macho / metal voodoo ultra mega deth guitar drones solis and rotten vox)
10:00pm » Sillyconductor [Antwerp] (Fishing chunks at sunset / high, low and especially medium frequencies. May contain rhythmic parts...)
10:30pm » de gebarste hoofden (piep piep konijn / electric string mangler)
11:00pm » lukatoyboy [Beograd] (StereosterrtS : Streets Of Stereo / left, right, in between)
11:30pm » Abdul Tom (alleystyle / multiple source digital mashup)
00:00 » para fernalia [Antwerp] )))) untitled ((((( /// para fernalia will behave very field recordingish mixed with some minimalistic crumar trilogian & casiotonian layers, ... maybe some bit reduction here & there ... )
00:30am » Alavux (Munze Konza / musee-C ?)
01:00am » Elton Vincent [Antwerp] (minimal drone music)
01:30am » W. Ravenveer (vieze luchtigheid / brain wave mangler)
02:00am » ssdivision production-indirect transmission (electro acoustic + live video)
02:30am » Marijan Srdic & Stefan Kovacevic [Beograd] (free improvised music.electro acoustic)
03:00am » —jozefaleks-anderpedro— [Antwerp] (analogischen 4-TRAK ! / tape musik)
03:30am » .. :: boylah - Bass Torpedoes ::..
04:00am » to come
04:30am » Les 2 Âlpes [Antwerp]