Dates : April – September 2008 (3 training stages) Public : 8 interns Goal : raising awareness and training in sound and radio practices.

The purpose of the workshops is to acquaint and train 8 interns (coming from the political bodies of the city and professional training centres from the 18th and 19th arrondissements of Paris) with sound and radio practice, using specific tools from the digital and multimedia field. These activities are part of a greater art scheme focused on intercultural issues, languages and territorial diversity, putting an emphasis on border zones. The training is split into several stages : workshops in Paris will be followed by a mobile context with the teams of the European Sound Delta project. These different stages are taking place in the long run, in order to facilitate the interns’ good assimilation of practices and techniques. A variety of targeted missions can be given to each participant according to their abilities.

Stage 1 : introductory creative sound practices for sound and radio broadcast workshops Dates : 21 to 25 April then 12 to 17 May (i.e. 2 weeks) Locations : Paris 18e – Workshop area at the MU headquarters and production studio at the Centre Musical Barbara Content : creative sound practice, introduction and training. Listening sessions, direct recording technical training, use of equipment, recording in the neighbourhood, critical listening of the collected sounds, method for classifying and archiving, sound writing operations, musicality of the sounds, analysis of the relationship between sound and the urban space, digital editing operations, related techniques, creation of individual sound pieces, online and stream set up for the web radio.

Stage 2 : Programs selection for the project’s radio. Dates : April-June 2008 Location : Listening to and selecting programs in collaboration with the project’s partner European radios network. Content : Listening to and selecting programs in collaboration with the partner radios network.

Stage 3 : Embarking with the European Sound Delta teams Dates : July-September 2008 (2 to 3 weeks) Location : Rhine / Danube barges Content : European Sound Delta project participation