THE “PLACARD” (Eric Minkkinen – France)

The « Placard Headphone Festival » is a particular way of diffusing performances via headphones thus immersing the audience in a state of concentration, akin to that of a musician, and creating an intimate atmosphere. To the present day, about a hundred of these festivals, each lasting for some 24hours, have taken place in various cities. The festival operates as an open desk, and each venue organises in an autonomous manner the conditions for welcoming the performances. The participants are free to register as part of the schedule. The « host » venues and the performers register on the Festival’s website and therefore organise their own Placard. Each festival is transmitted as a stream on the Internet. A series of « Rhine-Danube » Placards is likely to take place. They could be organised following the principle of a network created between two cities located on the Rhine and Danube itineraries.