Valerie Vivancos and Rodolphe Alexis have been performing together as OttoannA since 2004. A sonic interventions duo based in Paris. They’ve developed a practice influenced by conceptual art, electronic experimentations and fragmented narratives, through a wide range of formal expressions (editions, installations, participative and itinerant projects). Loosely attached to the Ina-GRM, they’re also co-founders of Double Entendre (audio publications & events -

As composers and live performers, they focus on specific territories (media poetics, lexical scores, memories of lost cities…) and let the process evolve over long periods of time, slowly working into it and adding intuitive layers of crafted sound textures. This results in an intricate and evocative stream, made of haunting drones, cut-up words, extreme noise, distant refrains, bringing together eclectic musical and artistic reminiscences.