LE POULPE (Apo 33 et Jean-Philippe Roux – France)

Le POULPE (The Octopus) is a multiple axes system : a local network of de recording/broadcast devices linked to a territory (a town or city) that can be diffused in a random and automated way. Each branch of this local sound network forms an installation, implanted in a location that records the sound effects generated by the activity of the given location to send them to a local digital device before simultaneously broadcasting them on the spot and as an Internet stream. Inside the many tentacles of the ‘Octopus’ a special type of recording is activated (ambience from a district, sound of social and material architecture, etc.) linked to a type of diffusion the local people can listen to (either in situ or on the radio). It spreads its tentacles to link together living areas and contexts, swapping their sonic fluxes via the Internet, entering and altering these environments. This meta-sculpture built from heterogeneous modules is questioning, from an artistic point of view, the singularity of an aesthetic form : each branch or installation is a single unit covering a territory (a location / a city) and projecting the latter towards a remote space-time (another location / another city). The whole thing is suggested visually via a mesh of entangled cables, sound sensors, microphones, speakers and machines. The set up and organisation into space, the visual aspect (colour, light), just like the selection of fluxes and recording points are all meaningful aesthetic choices.

As part of European Sound Delta, two interconnected local networks will be activated : one in Mons (Citysonics Festival), and one in Giurghiu-Ruse (Rumania - Bulgaria). The purpose will be to bring together different approaches of sound forms and territories within a similar technical set up constraint. These installations could also be used to convey networked performances.

Apo 33 - CIA short bio

The CIA (Cellule d’Intervention d’APO33) is an experimental creative sound group based in Nantes-F that operates through the creation of web-radios, constructing servers and collaborative platforms networks. The CIA mainly uses radio as its field of activity and as a tool for expression of its intervention. Its purpose rests on appropriating the technical knowledge of tools in order to reinvent them, while reflecting on the symbolism at stake through these practices in society and politics. The mission of this activist art group is to challenge situations and contexts in which they operate. As part of its intervention for ESD, the CIA will collaborate with the artist Jean-Philippe Roux (CS3), also head of the Pure Présence label. (http://cs3.free.fr/purepresence/fr/...)