MU is a non-profit organisation gathering artists, researchers, producers and techncians partly originating from the Studio National du Fresnoy (Tourcoing).

In the last 3 years it has been developing a collaborative artistic action on sound environments. These projects rest on the observation of territorial dynamics and the involvement of local citizen.

In 2004, the collective carried out an artistic action in the underprivileged area of La Goutte d’Or (an itinerary and a series of concerts performances connecting together a few “emblematic” spots of the district’s cultural life). This action continued in 2005 as a creative sound workshop, gathering young people in search of social and professional integration and about ten international sound artists. It resulted in SOUND DROP, an itinerary-composition presented as a fringe happening of the Nuit Blanche event in Paris. In 2007/08, a new version of this project is bound to be durably supported, as a public commission, by the Paris City Council.

In 2006, the creative sound workshop was reiterated along the same principles, resulting in a concert-performance presented in a vast urban wasteland : Sonic Moons .

In 2007, MU realized two new audiowalks SUPER 16 and SWEET SIXTEEN presented during the Festival Paris Quartier d’été till August, 2007. Realized during a training workshop in sound creation which took place in la Goutte d’or, 18th district of Paris (Institute of the Moslem Cultures) then in the 16th district of Paris (Palais de Tokyo), the audiowalks were built as a radiophonic fiction putting in mirror two extremly different areas of Paris. In October 2007 MU re-experimented the two sides audiowalk concept during the exhibition « Aires de Conflu(x)ences ». The audiowalks were presented in Sibiu (Romania) and in Luxembourg with the same soundtrack.

During 4 years, MU has also organised further events in Paris and abroad : meeting-debates at La Guillotine-montreuil- in 2003 ; workshops with Ars Longa in Belleville (Paris – 11th arr.) in 2004 ; a series of workshops at the Maison du Geste et de l’Image (Paris – 1st arr.), then at the Point Ephémère (Paris – 10th arr.) ; participation in the Sous la Plage festival (Paris – 15th arr.) ; a creative workshop in Bagnolet ; an exhibition in Zürich and, lastly, a workshop in Montréal-CAN for the Cité Invisible Biennale –end of 2006. In 2007, MU has been invited to perform in Reims-F, Nantes-F, Sibiu-Ro, Luxembourg-L and again in Zürich-CH.

In 2007, MU produced Filmer la Musique festival at the art center Point Éphémère. Filmer la musique is a music films festival focusing on innovative and audacious approaches. The next edition will take place from june 3 to june 8, 2008, at the art center Point Éphémère. MU also realized a creative workshop to study the sonor environnment of the champagne caves, wich led to Magma installation at la Cartonnerie de Reims durind the Elektricity festival (Joachim Montessuis and Philip Griffiths, two artists from mu, also played live at this occasion).

Artistic coordinator : Olivier Le Gal Producer : David Georges-François In charge of development : Nicolas Horber, Eve Lemesle (Danube) , Julie Noppe (Rhine)