Since his birth in 1972, Joachim Montessuis has lived in 15 different cities, including Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Marrakech, Abidjan, Besançon, Rotterdam, Cologne. He is currently based in Paris. He is interested in the links between art, science and spirituality. He grew up surrounded by Buddhist monks, Gnawas musicians and oriental sacred texts that gave him the sense of ritual and trance in music.

Since 1993 he has been developing a transversal sonic poetry praxis focused on experimental voice processing and immersive concert-installations. His noise and video events are devised as panic-poetic spaces in which sensorial disturbance and blurring occur, starting from silence, passing through some extreme crescendos, and finally building up to a wall of sound. He has worked in some major European electronic arts centres (CICV, Fresnoy, V2_Lab, KHM) and his live performances and installations have been presented at international venues and festivals including DEAF in Rotterdam, ISEA, ICA in London, Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, Sónar in Barcelona, Elektra in Montreal and Rio de Janeiro.

He also is the editor of the CD label “Erratum”- devoted to art, noise and experimental sound poetry - which he started 1997. He occasionally curates experimental poetry events and exhibitions. In 2004, he presented M.U.S.H. (a long term research project developed with Eleonore Hellio at the V2_Lab) during the DEAF festival in Rotterdam, a videosonic telepresence experiment between two spaces, where extreme noise interacts with wireless accelerometers sensors, neural networks and real time processing. Montessuis has collaborated with artists including David Larcher, Faustin Linyekula, Serge Pey, Henri Chopin, Joel Hubaut, Jörg Piringer, Franck Ancel, Maja Ratkje.