DANUBE residency from September 13th (Nüremberg) to 21th (Frankfurt)

"I’ve been doing noise, collage, improvisation and electroacoustic music since 1991 by myself and also with other artists such as : Ernesto Diaz Infante, Francisco Lopez, Absolute noise ensamble, Alan Courtis, Damo Suzuki ... I have 18 albums released in north and south America and Europe. I participated in diferent festivals such as Sonar or Luigi Russolo competition. In my work interpenetration, organic behavior , chaos, humor and meditation are always present trying to melt experimental and popular music in one.I try to materialize this approach in music with an unorthodox way, leaving behind any economical, technical constraint and giving space to improvisation, chance and open ears".

www.earzumba.com www.myspace.com/earzumba