• Departures – two deltas


    At the start of their journey, the boats will cross two wide areas immersed in linguistic fluxes: The Rhine and Danube deltas are located at an intersection between several countries. This topography also presents different landscapes: on the western side, a highly urbanised industrial area, on the eastern side, a wild protected area (classified as Wold Heritage by UNESCO). Each departure will be marked by a first Rhine/Danube concert-performance with the participation of the artists-members of the navigating crews.

  • [(|=={1}|non) Soirée rétrospective ESD au CNAM [fr]

    ORANGE Culture Mobile et MU ont le plaisir de vous inviter à une présentation-performance d’European Sound Delta dans le cadre d’ELECTROCNAM avec les lives d’Ottoanna-F, Gaël Segalen-F et WPMG-F et les projections vidéos de Vincent Voillat

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