EUROPEAN SOUND DELTA IN LINZ – SEPTEMBER 5TH & 6TH 2008 Boat docked at ponton 12 under the Nibelungen-brücke

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 5TH > 11:00pm to 3:00am

> CONCERTS & SOUND PERFORMANCES Spectral Investigations Collective (SIC) – Ewen Chardronnet (France), Aljosa Abrahamsberg (Slovenia), Horia Cosmin Samoïla (Romania) – Urban EM&radio waves interception of various signal territory layers - between lands, over borders, out of limits / Konrad Becker (Global Security Alliance) – PsyOps sounds / WPMG (BR – UK - FR) – Site specific live performance / Joachim Montessuis (France) – ultra vocals / heavy drones / field recordings compost / wireless controllers.

VISUALS - Vincent Voillat (France) – Video from Danube Delta / Bulgaria / Antwerp / Rotterdam / Collectif MU (France) – shorts Lofi vidéos from the first half of the Danube journey / Global Security Alliance – peacekeeping video / Ewen Chardronnet & Hehe (Fr) – laser and video real-time sound-response.

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 6TH > 12:00 am to 12:00 pm

> LISTENING LOUNGE and PERFORMANCE Listening lounge (headphones performance) - each half hour an artist will perform with field recordings and sound pieces made on the boat + live performances from Le Placard headphone festival in Köln ( and guest artists from Austria. Participating artists : Spectral Investigations Collective (SIC) + Joachim Montessuis, WPMG, Gael Segalen, Sabrina Da Cunha, Christophe Grenouilloux …)

Singing Bridges (special performance) 19:30 - Jodi Rose (AU - DE), Luka Princic (Slovenia), Luka Dekleva (Slovenia), Aljosa Abrahamsberg (Slovenia), WPMG (BR – UK - FR) – Bridge vibrations, field recordings, on-site interventions, video and signal transmission from bridges along the Danube.

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