Born in a Theme park near Belgium and helping out his mother with making music for her palm reading sessions, Patric Catani got trained in using electronic tools in the tender times of his childhood. Strict but chaotic, his education passed on to him and he started to earn his first money on celebrations in the towns nearby. Playing on funerals, baptizing or weddings, he made friends with melodies and after a good look into Balkan and gypsy music, life led him to labels from UK, USA, France and Germany. Patric began to produce music in the early nineties in a proto-gabba outfit called E DE COLOGNE, kicked off breakcore with partner GINA D’ORIO as EC80R on DIGITAL HARDCORE RECORDINGS and is responsible for most of the beats of the internationally acclaimed hand puppet frenzy project, PUPPETMASTAZ. Yet, he is still best if seen on stage as CANDIE HANK, for his excellent mixture of humor, madness and noisy polka beats.