"The recorded sound of wilderness"

If you go down the forest today you’re sure in for a big surprise ! And that’s because you have all the chances to come across a lovely girl hunched down amongst the trees, fiddling with gear, smoking, cracking, twisting and recording sounds in the fine spring day. The Bridge Festival takes Warp artist Mira Calix out of the wilderness and brings her in for an organic “laptronica” built using knackered bits of wood, noises of insects and songs of birds.

Mira Calix – aka South African expat Chantal Passamonte – makes electronic music that breathes like an orchestra. You might call it avant-garde, but it’s meant to make you smile, not frown ; it’s heart-warm, not ice-cool. Her wide musical vocabulary and extensive record collection have resulted in her opening up for several live bands including Godspeed You !, Black Emperor, Radiohead, Boards of Canada, Pan Sonic and Faust. She has toured internationally with Autechre in Canada, Plaid on their 2002 and 2001 US tours, Warp’s Magic Bus and 7 Year Glitch tours across Europe, as well as performed extensively on her own from Iceland to Africa.

www.miracalix.com http://www.myspace.com/you_could_fe...