The purpose of these workshops will be to involve the interns with the technical and artistic processes at large : the sound production (recording, archiving and editing), events organisation and facilitation (welcoming the public) and the broadcast of programs on the web radio.

The cultural objective is twofold : to raise a public awareness of sound art (not only music as we know it, but sounds, ambiences, noises etc.) and to get to know other cultural identities (through musicality, oral transmission, aesthetic sound, its relevance to a specific context). The raw sound collected by the interns along the journey will be organised as an open source library. These archives will be available online as a SOUND WALL that will retrace the artistic editing and experiences carried out along the itinerary : choice of venues for diffusion, choice of display systems, mobile or fixed listening, etc.

As far as radio broadcast techniques are concerned, these workshops are aiming to open and discover the stream (continuous audio and video web streams). The multiplex transmission technology is being approached in a theoretical, historical and practical manner. The use of an Internet stream questions networked artistic transmission as a means for communication and display usually found in the physical space of the exhibition. This initiation will involve a presentation of the various technological aspects of a stream, getting acquainted with the equipment and the production of performances, lives musical events, readings and broadcasts.

These workshops will be proposed in various cities (Paris, Lille, Antwerp, Giurghiu-RO, Ruse-BG…). Depending on the context, the participants could be young social workers from deprived areas or art students.