DANUBE residency from July 18th (Giurgiu-Rousse) to July 31th (Beograd)

After studying philosophy, Rodolphe ALEXIS completed a master in anthropology specialised in the Peruvian Icaros (traditional songs linked to shamanic ayahuasca trances) at he IHEAL. Recently graduated from the French National Audiovisual Institute (INA) in sound engineering, he sometimes collabores with the GRM (Research Music Group based in Radio France). In the nineties, he played, toured and recorded with bands influenced by The Residents, New York punk-noise scene and hip-hop sampling. In parallel, he developed an artistic practice focused on the codified relation between sound and image and took part in numerous art events in France and abroad (UK, USA, Germany) through photo and videos installations accompanied by soundtracks made of cut-ups, clicks’n cuts and field recordings. Besides sound interventions with OttoannA’s, he creating sound design for major brands and he composes audio soundtracks for artists videos and upcoming fashion designers shows. He is also the co-founder of the sound audio revue “Vibrö/Vibrofiles.com” specialized in sound art.