RHINE residency from August 07th ( Rotterdam) to September 04th (Cologne)

In 2005 she was the first person in the US to graduate with a MFA in sound art. Daily rituals, routines and her personal observations of the pervasive effects of audio-visual synchronization on everyday life inspire her sound installations. The technological mediation of experience, a concept that philosopher Paul Virilio describes as the ‘sonorization of everything.’ Her minimalist approach begins with her employment of the most rudimentary materials for sound, raw speakers and audio wires, which become sculptural components for each work. The materials reference the entry into a world of replicated realities. Unlike the majority of contemporary visual artists, hers begins with sound and the mechanical properties of amplified audio in order to articulate a visualization of the sonic form itself, which can then be experienced site-specifically. With deliberate use of the floors and ceilings within the space, as with sound molecules, the black wires turn into what the artist describes as “three-dimensional drawings” within mid-air. Her works free the mechanics of sound from its representative qualities into another space, which draws the observer into a new mode of audio/visual perception. www.burnthebox.org