An urban sound itinerary played through the headphones of an audio-guide device, usually found in Museums – with uploaded sequences created by a dozen artists, from sounds recorded in the Goutte d’Or area, in Paris- a geographical map and specific pointers – signs and arrows-. Sound Drop has been designed as an outdoor radio. It involves editing and hybridizing processes : through sound, it projects one location onto another, transforms the perception of spaces and introduces fiction into reality : the city is being haunted by the sonic ghost of another identity, another territory…

Developed in the last 3 years by Collectif MU, the project was first presented at the Goutte d’Or-Paris (as part of the Nuit Blanche 2005). The sound pieces were created from direct recordings made by several guest sound artists in residence in the cosmopolitan area : There several waves of successive immigrations have formed a unique cultural ground gathering some 40 nationalities. Sound Drop has then been reshaped in various formats in order to be included in many different events : Urban Strolls at the Centre Georges-Pompidou (Paris - 2006), Sous La Plage Festival (Paris - 2006), Paris Quartier d’Eté Festival (2007), and Sibiu-Luxembourg European Capitals of Culture (2007). Each migration is augmented with new sound creations from the Goutte d’Or area and a collective reflection upon the invested location.

Within EUROPEAN SOUND DELTA, Sound Drop will be organised as a series of itineraries in the traversed European cities. It will keep the same soundtrack revealed on the occasion of a first itinerary designed in Mons for the Citysonics festival. In each following city, this composition of a dozen sound pieces will interact with new spaces to carve a path through an unknown territory….