• Gavroche

    The Gavroche barge went back home in Belgium !

Mons (B)

17/07 - 19/07

  • Citysonics Festival


    An urban sound itinerary played through the headphones of an audio-guide device, usually found in Museums. The urban sound itinerary is being played via the headphones of a Museum-type audio guide – with uploaded sequences created by a dozen artists, from sounds recorded in the Goutte d’Or area, in Paris- a geographical map and specific pointers – signs and arrows- Sound Drop has been designed as an outdoor radio. It involves editing and hybridizing processes: through sound, it projects one location onto another, transforms the perception of spaces and introduces fiction into reality: the city is being haunted by the sonic ghost of another identity, another territory…

    Within EUROPEAN SOUND DELTA, Sound Drop will become a series of itineraries across Europeans cities. They will keep the same soundtrack revealed on the occasion of the first itinerary in Mons, during the Citysonics festival. This (roughly) 1 hour composition (compiling a dozen tracks) will then migrate to other cities on the Rhine and Danube rivers. The traversed spaces will be highlighted: each itinerary will be documented as video and it will be possible to visualise the crossed spaces on the Internet.

    > Sound Itinerary Schedule (tbc)

    - Mons (premiere)
    - Antwerp
    - Rotterdam
    - Utrecht
    - Antwerp
    - Duisburg
    - Köln
    - Frankfurt
    - Belgrade
    - Vukovar
    - Budapest
    - Bratislava
    - Linz
    - Giurghiu
    - Ruse

  • Rhine-Danube Live (Mons>Ruse)


    Joachim Montessuis plays live at "les frigos" in Mons, in connection with Phill Niblock and Katherine Liberovskaya who play at the Elias Canetti House in Rousse.

  • Audiowalk Sound Drop at Citysonics_MONS

    See the walk on line

  • [(|=={1}|non) Installation sonore en réseau_MONS [fr]

    Le Delta by Gael Segalen

    Installation en dérive sur les rivages sonores du Danube et du Rhin dont les sons forment au loin à l’horizon, une « terra incognita » à découvrir.

    » Jardin de Maïeur situé derrière l’Hotel de Ville - Mons - Entrée libre


Brussels (B)

21/07 - 27/07

  • ESD Press conference_BRUSSELS

    ESD Press conference on board, on the dockside next to La Compilothèque.

  • Radio live party_BRUSSELS

    A whole RADIO SHOWS day live from IMAL
    Open to all
    Broadcasted live on Radio Panik FM105.3 in Brussels and on Radio2radios

    Saturday 26 July 2008 _ 3:00 pm _ FREE ENTRANCE

    Proposal from acsr, Imal, La compilothèque, Radio Panik & European Sound Delta

    » 3:00 pm
    Radio shoot stories, live radio and open mike hosted by Catherine Vertige & mABuSeki w/ Radio Panik live radio shows :

    15h: Goodmorning Stallman, Radio Free Robots
    15h30: C4: ’d’une certaine gaieté’
    16h: Le fourre-tout: ’Container’, DJP
    17h: Camilla Ragon, SilenceRadio, Jean-Philippe Convert
    17h30: Sébastien Dicenaire, marguerite S, Nathalie, Edith et Marcel
    18h: L’étranger joue DISKONO 017’
    18h30: NG
    19h: Lo-Fi Stories
    19h30: B008

    » 8:00 pm
    Live, performances & concerts :

    20h: Jeanfrançois Blanquet
    20h30: Lucille Calmel
    21h: Damien Magnette
    21h30: Nathalie Fougeras (de suède)
    22h: Eric Tatepo Kembo & Sinusjog
    22h30: David Neaud
    23h30: Otanzzaairbus
    00h: penskyplochingen
    00h30: Ice Age
    1h: 4 SEPS, Diogene, Rage & Auguste Cabriolet
    2h: Allias, Olivier Stévenart, Aline Bouvy / John Gillis

    & then Dancing programs feat.
    3h: Ma CompilE à Toi, Baxter Lewinsky, Dr Kwest
    et aussi une improvisation d’Aymeric De Tapol, François Martig et Joachim Montessuis

  • Table d’hôte (fooding) 7:00 pm_BRUSSELS

    Dinner - fooding at "la Compilothèque".

Antwerp (B)

29/07 -03/08

  • Sounddrop’s workshop_ANTWERP

    This workshop is taking place in Air Antwerpen, thursday 31 of July and friday 1st of August.

  • Rhine-Danube Live (ANTWERP > BEOGRAD)

    The artists in residency on the Rhine boat play live :


    21 :00
    Maria Balabas ( LIVE IN ANTWERP)

    François Martig ( LIVE IN ANTWERP)

    Erupcija ( LIVE FROM BELGRADE)

    Sillyconductor (LIVE IN ANTWERP)


    Joachim (LIVE IN ANTWERP)

    Lukatoyboy ( LIVE FROM BELGRADE)

    Aymeric De Tapol (LIVE IN ANTWERP)

    Les 2 ALpes (LIVE IN ANTWERP)


    August 1st, friday

    from 9. pm
    and live on the radio of the project >>connect

    AIR Antwerpen
    Oosterweelsteenweg 3
    2030 Antwerpen
    Phone : 32 (0)3 475 17 57

  • Audiowalk

    Participate in the SOUND DROP audiowalk !

    An artistic purpose of stroll around AIR ANTWERPEN, an incredible set between the port of Antwerp and the city of the diamond dealers.

    Free / duration 1h

    Schedule :

    Saturday 2d of august from 3pm to 10 pm (last departure 9pm)
    Sunday 3th of august from 3pm to 10 pm (last departure 9pm)


    AIR Antwerpen
    Sasmeesterswoning Royerssluis
    Oosterweelsteenweg 3
    2030 Antwerpen
    Phone : +32 (0)3 475 17 57 ou +33 607 067 996

  • Placard - Headphone festival

    "Le Placard-Headphone festival" will happen in duplex between Antwerp (at AIR Antwerpen) and Beograd (on the Danube boat).

    saturday 2d of August from 8pm

    ADRESS : AIR Antwerpen Sasmeesterswoning Royerssluis Oosterweelsteenweg 3 2030 Antwerpen Tel: +32 (0)3 475 17 57

    LINE-UP :

    8:00pm » Shining Shitbox (ambient death,ambient drone sound from within)
    8:30pm » akomploter (complosition?)
    9:00pm » Nord Est [Antwerp] (Shiny rain)
    9:30pm » MONTEX aka Joachim Montessuis [Antwerp] (guillaume le macho / metal voodoo ultra mega deth guitar drones solis and rotten vox)
    10:00pm » Sillyconductor [Antwerp] (Fishing chunks at sunset / high, low and especially medium frequencies. May contain rhythmic parts...)
    10:30pm » de gebarste hoofden (piep piep konijn / electric string mangler)
    11:00pm » lukatoyboy [Beograd] (StereosterrtS: Streets Of Stereo / left, right, in between)
    11:30pm » Abdul Tom (alleystyle / multiple source digital mashup)
    00:00 » para fernalia [Antwerp] )))) untitled ((((( /// para fernalia will behave very field recordingish mixed with some minimalistic crumar trilogian & casiotonian layers, ... maybe some bit reduction here & there ... )
    00:30am » Alavux (Munze Konza / musee-C?)
    01:00am » Elton Vincent [Antwerp] (minimal drone music)
    01:30am » W. Ravenveer (vieze luchtigheid / brain wave mangler)
    02:00am » ssdivision production-indirect transmission (electro acoustic + live video)
    02:30am » Marijan Srdic & Stefan Kovacevic [Beograd] (free improvised music.electro acoustic)
    03:00am » —jozefaleks-anderpedro— [Antwerp] (analogischen 4-TRAK! / tape musik)
    03:30am »..:: boylah - Bass Torpedoes ::..
    04:00am » to come
    04:30am » Les 2 Âlpes [Antwerp]

Rotterdam (NL)

05/08 - 13/08

  • Rhine-Danube Live (Amsterdam>Budapest)

    Olivier F. et Eric D. are the PANIC CITY BOYZ, showmen from this monthly show on Radio Campus Paris. Members of the Collectif MU (EUropean Sound Delta organisers), they decided to inviteJohn Sinclair for a radio show. John Sinclair (formerly MC5’s manager, produce now radio show.

    >> August 19 (recorded show broadcasted Thursday 21st on Radio2Radios)

    + EXTRA "last time" concert of John Sinclair

    >> August 19 @OCCII in Amsterdam from 9:00 pm (+ YOURS TRULY + BLUE SHIFT + BONE RATTLE concerts)

Arnhem (NL)

26/08 - 31/08

  • Headphone Festival w/ Popnoname (Cologne VS Linz)

    Live festival
    Saturday 6 to Sunday 7 of September
    from 12:00 am to 6:00

    slot bookin & schedule on www.leplacard.org

    and live on RADIO2RADIOS

    Collaboration w/ POPNONAME

    Address :
    auenweg 173 geb.6
    51063 Köln

    +33 607 067 996
    +49 (0) 221 49 28 306


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