Aux côtés des équipes des co-organisateurs bulgares, roumains et français, les artistes invités en résidence sur les bateaux ont été sélectionnés par un commissariat partagé via un appel à participation d’envergure internationale. De plus des artistes ont été invités par les commissaires associés (Valérie Vivancos et Joachim Montessuis) à réaliser des pièces sonores pour "l’Archipel" à Strasbourg.

  • Abrahamsberg Aljosa - Spectral Investigations Collective [SIC] (SL), fluvial residence

    DANUBE residency from August 27th (Vienna) to September 07th (Linz)

    Aljosa Abrahamsberg(aka Nullo): studied art history in Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. He is a core member of Makrolab team and a Journalist on Tv. He performs in live signals interception situations like Scatter, Signal- Sever and Spektr at different art festivals like Gwangju biennale ,Isea festival, Nuit Blanche, AV festival etc.

  • Albaitis Tamara (US), fluvial residence

    RHINE residency from August 07th ( Rotterdam) to September 04th (Cologne)

    In 2005 she was the first person in the US to graduate with a MFA in sound art. Daily rituals, routines and her personal observations of the pervasive effects of audio-visual synchronization on everyday life inspire her sound installations. The technological mediation of experience, a concept that philosopher Paul Virilio describes as the ‘sonorization of everything.’ Her minimalist approach begins with her employment of the most rudimentary materials for sound, raw speakers and audio wires, which become sculptural components for each work. The materials reference the entry into a world of replicated realities. Unlike the majority of contemporary visual artists, hers begins with sound and the mechanical properties of amplified audio in order to articulate a visualization of the sonic form itself, which can then be experienced site-specifically. With deliberate use of the floors and ceilings within the space, as with sound molecules, the black wires turn into what the artist describes as “three-dimensional drawings” within mid-air. Her works free the mechanics of sound from its representative qualities into another space, which draws the observer into a new mode of audio/visual perception. www.burnthebox.org

  • Alejandra (ES) & Aeron (US), guest artists

    Live and work in Oslow, Norway. Sound artists, graphic designers, founders of the collective/label "lucky kitchen".


  • Alexis Rodolphe (FR), fluvial residence

    DANUBE residency from July 18th (Giurgiu-Rousse) to July 31th (Beograd)

    After studying philosophy, Rodolphe ALEXIS completed a master in anthropology specialised in the Peruvian Icaros (traditional songs linked to shamanic ayahuasca trances) at he IHEAL. Recently graduated from the French National Audiovisual Institute (INA) in sound engineering, he sometimes collabores with the GRM (Research Music Group based in Radio France). In the nineties, he played, toured and recorded with bands influenced by The Residents, New York punk-noise scene and hip-hop sampling. In parallel, he developed an artistic practice focused on the codified relation between sound and image and took part in numerous art events in France and abroad (UK, USA, Germany) through photo and videos installations accompanied by soundtracks made of cut-ups, clicks’n cuts and field recordings. Besides sound interventions with OttoannA’s, he creating sound design for major brands and he composes audio soundtracks for artists videos and upcoming fashion designers shows. He is also the co-founder of the sound audio revue “Vibrö/Vibrofiles.com” specialized in sound art.


  • Alien Pimp (RO), guest artist

    "The Bucharest music scene starts with the great 20th-century composer George Enescu, but it quickly branches out to D.J.’s like Alien Pimp and rollicking Gypsy bands like Taraf de Haiduks." (New York Times)


  • Aufermann Knut (D), fluvial residence

    DANUBE residency from September 6th (Linz) to 13th (Nüremberg)

    Knut Aufermann, born 1972 in Hagen (Germany), studied chemistry, audioengineering and sonic arts (MA Middlesex University). From 2002-2005 he was the station manager of Resonance104.4fm in London, now he is active across Europe as a musician, radio artist, organizer, curator, consultant and workshop leader.

    Knut Aufermann plays improvised electronic music using various forms of audible feedback.

    Together with Sarah Washington he runs the project Mobile Radioinvestigating alternative means of radio production. Their works have been broadcast in 12 countries on 28 different radio stations. He is a founder member ofthe international Radia network of independent cultural radio stations. http://knut.klingt.org

  • Balabas Maria (RO), fluvial residence

    RHINE residency from July 22th (Brussels) to August 10th (Rotterdam) Passionated for the sounds of different languages, the romanian artist Maria Balabas likes to discover connections while listening to “not-understandable” sounds. She is also working for the Romanian National Radio.

  • Calix Mira (UK), guest artist

    "The recorded sound of wilderness"

    If you go down the forest today you’re sure in for a big surprise! And that’s because you have all the chances to come across a lovely girl hunched down amongst the trees, fiddling with gear, smoking, cracking, twisting and recording sounds in the fine spring day. The Bridge Festival takes Warp artist Mira Calix out of the wilderness and brings her in for an organic “laptronica” built using knackered bits of wood, noises of insects and songs of birds.

    Mira Calix – aka South African expat Chantal Passamonte – makes electronic music that breathes like an orchestra. You might call it avant-garde, but it’s meant to make you smile, not frown; it’s heart-warm, not ice-cool. Her wide musical vocabulary and extensive record collection have resulted in her opening up for several live bands including Godspeed You!, Black Emperor, Radiohead, Boards of Canada, Pan Sonic and Faust. She has toured internationally with Autechre in Canada, Plaid on their 2002 and 2001 US tours, Warp’s Magic Bus and 7 Year Glitch tours across Europe, as well as performed extensively on her own from Iceland to Africa.

    www.miracalix.com http://www.myspace.com/you_could_fe...

  • Camil (RO), guest artist

  • Candie Hank (DE), guest artist

    Born in a Theme park near Belgium and helping out his mother with making music for her palm reading sessions, Patric Catani got trained in using electronic tools in the tender times of his childhood. Strict but chaotic, his education passed on to him and he started to earn his first money on celebrations in the towns nearby. Playing on funerals, baptizing or weddings, he made friends with melodies and after a good look into Balkan and gypsy music, life led him to labels from UK, USA, France and Germany. Patric began to produce music in the early nineties in a proto-gabba outfit called E DE COLOGNE, kicked off breakcore with partner GINA D’ORIO as EC80R on DIGITAL HARDCORE RECORDINGS and is responsible for most of the beats of the internationally acclaimed hand puppet frenzy project, PUPPETMASTAZ. Yet, he is still best if seen on stage as CANDIE HANK, for his excellent mixture of humor, madness and noisy polka beats.



  • Carl Y. (FR), fluvial residence
  • Chardronnet Ewen - Spectral Investigations Collective [SIC] (FR), fluvial residence

    DANUBE residency from August 27th (Vienna) to September 07th (Linz)

    Artist, curator and journalist, author of an anthology on the Association of the Autonomous Astronauts (« Quitter la Gravite », l’Eclat Editions) and prize winner of the Leonardo Price New Horizons 2003.


  • Chica and the Folder (CL/DE), guest artists

    Chica and the Folder might be the last Romantics in Berlin; together they spun and condensed it all in an electronica fairytale: taking a trip to the Bavarian Alps, climbing mountains, sitting on their peaks, whispering tales in each other’s ears, bread and butter in one hand, a mike in the other, this German-Chilean duo is always looking for a secret that’s worth telling a story. And each time the story’s being told, a new track comes to life. Or a record. Or a live...

    www.chicaandthefolder.com www.myspace.com/chicaandthefolder

  • Cosmiq Microbiq (RO), guest artist

  • Dergarabedian Christian (ES), fluvial residence

    DANUBE residency from September 13th (Nüremberg) to 21th (Frankfurt)

    "I’ve been doing noise, collage, improvisation and electroacoustic music since 1991 by myself and also with other artists such as : Ernesto Diaz Infante, Francisco Lopez, Absolute noise ensamble, Alan Courtis, Damo Suzuki ... I have 18 albums released in north and south America and Europe. I participated in diferent festivals such as Sonar or Luigi Russolo competition. In my work interpenetration, organic behavior , chaos, humor and meditation are always present trying to melt experimental and popular music in one.I try to materialize this approach in music with an unorthodox way, leaving behind any economical, technical constraint and giving space to improvisation, chance and open ears".

    www.earzumba.com www.myspace.com/earzumba

  • Dinahbird (FR), fluvial residence

    DANUBE residency from September 06th (Linz) to September 13th (Nüremberg)

    DinahBird is a radio artist and feature maker living and working in Paris and London. Project 101 co-founder, she makes radio programmes, audio publications, installations, and soundtracks.

    http://www.project-101.com/bio/bird.php http://www.vibrofiles.com/artists/artists_dinahbird.php

  • Dumais Jérôme (CA), fluvial residence

    RHINE residency from September 06th (Cologne) to September 21th (Frankfurt)

    Jérome Dumais began to make some electronic music simultaneously for his studies in orthopedagogy. Then, he’ll study three years the photography while collaborating as musical director for various short films and events. Having worked some years in the industry of the cartoon, he’ll transfer again to the education of young children and will present in parallel some exhibitions in the various Community arts centres of the City of Montreal. Recently, he made a return for his artistic capacities and studies Communication to the University of Quebec in Montreal.

  • Epplay Vincent (FR), guest artist

    Vincent Epplay is both a visual artist and a musician who conceieves and builds sound environments.Through his installations and live interventions, he has been questionning the connection between sound and image, the display context (duration, place) and the relation with the “audio-viewer”.


  • Griffiths Philip aka WPMG (Collectif MU), fluvial residence

    DANUBE residency from July 06th (Tulcea) to September 28th (Strasbourg)

    Sound artist. _Graduated from the National concervatoire of Bordeaux (France) in electro-acoustic, Philip Griffiths (aka WPMG) is a musician and performer born in Brazil (1978). He conceives and programs the SOUND DROP soundwalks in the MU collective (recently in Rousse, Belgrade and Vokovar). At the same time, he performs improvisations in interactions with the stage or the territory he explores. His performances with drums and voices are almost choreographic, and he records them as sonic sequence shots to use them in his compositions. They express a sensitive and instinctive relation to situations and evoke a kind of an animal musicality_

    www.mu.asso.fr http://mymondomix.com/wpmg http://www.showcaseyourmusic.com/iaipi

  • Guillet Michel (FR), guest artist
  • Hampson Robert (UK), guest artist

    Lives and works in London. Robert Hampson’s musical career really started in the mid 1980’s with the band LOOP.After the end of Loop in 1990, along with Scott Dowson (also of Loop) and with the guitar still as the central sound source, he returned to the more experimental styles of Electroacoustic and Acousmatic musics with the project MAIN. Hampson worked with Jim O’Rourkke on a CD for Touch Label.



  • Hennig Ludger (D), fluvial residence

    DANUBE residency from July 31th (Beograd) to August 15th (Budapest)

    Since the 90’, Ludger Hennig is engaged in experimentally generated sounds on objects and diverse materials. Through the studies on film and camera at university of applied sience in Dortmund and art & media-design at Bauhaus university and SeaM in Weimar, he started to work with sound-installations and development of electro acoustic and live-electronic software-instruments. Since 2005 he is member of the electro acoustic jazz-ensemble HKM+ and of the ensemble for electro acoustic network and noise-improvisation HMSS.


  • Jaeger Kassel (FR), guest artist

    Lives and works in Paris. French sound engineer largely involved in the GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales)...and sound artist. http://www.myspace.com/kasseljaeger


  • Lericolais Rainier, guest artist
  • Liberovskaya Katherine (CA), fluvial residence

    DANUBE residency from July 05th (Tulcea) to July 20th (Giurgiu-Rousse)

    Katherine Liberovskaya is a media artist based in Montreal, Canada, and New York City. She has been working predominantly in experimental video since the late eighties, and she has produced many videos, video installation works and video performances which have been presented around the world. She works in collaboration with new music composers/sound artists, and explores improvisation with live video mix. She has been involved in the programming and organization of diverse media art events,

  • Logan Kevin, fluvial residence

    RHINE residency from August 2d (Antwerp) to August 17th (Amsterdam)

    Kevin Logan works as an installation / scenic artist and also concentrates on audio art and sound design for short films. He explores the possibilities of field-recorded audio and the spoken word in soundscape and sonic compositions. He has recently had a video piece included in the exhibition ‘Surveillance’ at South Hill Park Digital Media Centre, and sonic works included in the Velocity Festival 2007 and Moves08 Festival in the UK.

  • Lundkvist Henning (SE), guest artist

    Henning Lundkvist is primarily working with sound and text, and has presented his works in spaces such as MNAC (Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania), Galleri Signal (Malmö, Sweden), Model Arts & Niland Gallery (Sligo, Ireland), Rooseum Centre for Contemporary Art (Malmö, Sweden), plug.in (Basel, Switzerland) and Galerie Parismoskau (Leipzig, Germany). His collaborations with play writer and theatre director Christina Ouzounidis have been critically acclaimed in many of Sweden’s national newspapers, and his first major work on CD, "The End of A System of Things", was released by the label komplott in november 2007. He is co-founder of Radiowy, an mp3-platform for new Swedish hörspiel, radio drama and sound works, and is curating a series of sound and text works at Teatr Weimar, Malmö. Henning Lundkvist is living in Berlin (Germany) and Malmö (Sweden). http://www.inaktiv.net

  • Martig François (BE), fluvial residence

    RHINE residency from July 19th (Mons) to August 3th (Antwerp)

    François Martig explores the notion of territory and its representation through sound and visual universes. Land surveyor of urban and natural landscapes, he questions the concept of soundscape and tries to restore his impressions.


  • Michel Guillet (FR), artiste invité [fr]

    Vit et travaille à Paris Plasticien, compositeur de pièces sonores sur la base de séquences réalisées à partir de sources hybrides, guitare, captations sonores, matériel analogique, qui sont traitées a travers plusieurs générations et souvent riches en harmoniques, Entre électroacoustique brute, affleurements mélodiques, saturations, rythmiques décalées, des parcours se structurent de manière intuitive entre les différentes strates de sons. http://www.myspace.com/michelguillet


  • Minus & Ion (RO), guest artists

    "Kraut nostalgia meets Nintendo"

    Minus is Daniel Stanciu, a 21 year-old Constanta-born computer science student. He’s been making tracks for a few years, trying to focus on the emotional aspect of music rather than on its technical side. Style ranges from 8-bit and old school-electro to dub, downtempo and ambient music with vague references to math, fuzzy childhood memories and old video games. Minus has recently released an EP on the Romanian netlabel Arhiva7 and is currently working on two more. He performed live at already quite some festivals: TMBase (Timisoara), Rokolectiv (Bucharest), Wilsonic (Bratislava), Today’s Art (The Hague) and Numusic (Norway).

    Minus has recently joined up the Romanian bass and keyboard player Ion Dumitrescu for a live show that blissfully confronts Nintendo cheap tunes to kraut nostalgia.

    www.myspace.com/minussiion www.myspace.com/minusro

  • Niblock Phill (US), fluvial residence & guest artist

    DANUBE residency form July 5th (Tulcea) to July 20th (Giurgiu-Rousse)

    Since the mid-60’s, P. Niblock composes and makes intermedia performances. He uses music, film, photography, video and computers. He makes thick, loud drones of music, filled with microtones of instrumental timbres which generate many other tones in the performance space.


  • Onda Aki (JP), guest artist

    Lives and work in New York. Aki Onda is a photographer and a Japanese self-taught musician, who concentrated in his last researches on the relation existing between music and memory. He presents live his work « cassette memories », transforming live a personal diary constructed of sound atmospheres recorded on cassettes and mixing it with a compound electronic base. http://www.japanimprov.com/aonda

  • Ottavi Julien (FR), fluvial residence

    DANUBE residency from July 16th to July 19th (Giurgiu-Rousse)

    A mediactivist, artist-researcher, musician and anarchitect, an active member of apo33, Julien Ottavi is involved in research and creative work, combining sound art, new technologies and construction of electronic devices.


  • Ottoanna (FR), guest artists

    Valerie Vivancos and Rodolphe Alexis have been performing together as OttoannA since 2004. A sonic interventions duo based in Paris. They’ve developed a practice influenced by conceptual art, electronic experimentations and fragmented narratives, through a wide range of formal expressions (editions, installations, participative and itinerant projects). Loosely attached to the Ina-GRM, they’re also co-founders of Double Entendre (audio publications & events - vibrofiles.com).

    As composers and live performers, they focus on specific territories (media poetics, lexical scores, memories of lost cities…) and let the process evolve over long periods of time, slowly working into it and adding intuitive layers of crafted sound textures. This results in an intricate and evocative stream, made of haunting drones, cut-up words, extreme noise, distant refrains, bringing together eclectic musical and artistic reminiscences. http://www.myspace.com/ottoanna

  • Panic City Boyz (FR), fluvial residence

    RHINE residency (Amsterdam)

    The Panic city boyz Olivier Forest & Eric Daviron are the two directors of the Festival Filmer la musique. They are radio hosts of the show "Panic City" on radio Campus Paris and regularly playlive some eclectic, panik and rock’n roll Dj sets.


  • Pistamachina (BG), guest artists
  • Renoult Jean-Philippe (FR), fluvial residence

    DANUBE residency from September 06th (Linz) to September 13th (Nüremberg)

    Jean-Philippe Renoult. Composer, radio producer, sound artist, cut-up DJ and musical journalist.

    http://www.jeanphilipperenoult.com http://parisson.com/parisson-team http://www.poptronics.fr/The-Residents-une-interview

  • Rose Jodi (GB), fluvial residency

    DANUBE residency from August 25th (Bratislava) to September 20th (Frankfurt)

    Jodi Rose is a sound artist, writer, radio producer and composer, working internationally to create experimental music, radio, public & sonic art. Rose trained in Sculpture, Performance and Installation at Sydney College of the Arts, and was ABC Radio National: Radiophonic Artist in Residence 2004; Bridge Guard, Sturovo, Slovakia 2005-2006; Transit Lounge Artist in Residence 2007-2008; Program Initiative for Art and Architecture Collaborations; and National University of Singapore, Interactive & Digital Media Art Institute, ISEA 2008 Artist in Residence. Rose releasedSinging Bridges: Vibrations and Variations, CD of bridge compositions & remixes in 2005. Her works have been exhibited, broadcast and published in Australia, Scandinavia, UK, Asia, Europe and America. She has produced radio programs for ABC Radio, Australia, and recently featured in ’Sonic Australia’ on WDR3, Cologne. Artistic research includes musical scores from architectural bridge drawings; wireless & monitoring technology to stream live on bridges; exploring the technical, philosophical and musical aspects of cable vibrations through global transmissions and installations.

  • Roux Jean-Philippe [CS3] (FR), fluvial residence

    DANUBE residency from July 16th to 19th (Giurgiu-Rousse)

    Sound and visual artist, he implements devices tension between figuration and abstraction, gesture copyright and ownership of existing forms.In 2006, he creates the editions of art works Purepresence dedicated to visual artists sound works, conceptual pieces, or poetic, parts or support for specific space.

    http://jeanphilipperoux.com http://purepresence.eu

  • Samoïla Horia Cosmin - Spectral Investigations Collective [SIC] (FR), fluvial residence

    DANUBE residency from August 27th (Vienna) to September 07th (Linz)

    Originally from Romania, founder of Ghostlab and member of SIC. Uses the electromagnetic medium like raw material with the realization of immaterial sculptures, experimental installations and extra-cognitive devices.


  • Segalen Gaël (Collectif MU), fluvial residences

    Sound recordist for film and sound documentarist, her work is based on field recording.

    http://www.mu.asso.fr http://www.myspace.com/soundzoflifeofsoundz

  • Sillyconductor, fluvial residence

    RHINE residency from July 23th (Brussels) to August 11th (Rotterdam)

    Sillyconductor composes on what might be the smallest desk in the entire musical world. Recently, he has been working on a mother-symphony fueled by two-second samples, mini-symphonies creating a far larger one, a completely acoustic endeavor with massive orchestras fighting against each other, flooding the audio output with textures that would deafen Beethoven himself. http://www.myspace.com/sillyconductor

  • Sinclair John (US), guest artist

    John Sinclair will participate in the radio shows in Amsterdam duplex Budapest and will make a poetic performance. http://johnsinclair.us

  • Stangliczky Igor (SRB), fluvial residence

    Besides visual art, Igor Stangliczky aka Stung. is playing and producing music. His style varies within experimental electro-acoustics, which is present in his compositions for various theatre shows, exhibitions, instalations, etc. Among music he composed for theatre pieces, and a butoh show lead him to more minimalistic approach in his own compositions. Now he focuses on collecting field recordings which he moulds into music pieces by recycling the sounds he captured. He is also an active member of bands such as Lazybag Lazyband, Pending, Pay/Do, Jaroslaw Kirstenowski… and many others.

    As Stung. he focuses towards club music. DJing and producing Breakbeat,Dubstep,Breakcore, 8bit, etc. Find out more about Stung. www.lastfm.fr/music/stangliczky

    Since january 2007. (together with Lukatoyboy) he started "improvE", series of electro-acoustic jam sessions and concerts. He’s organizing & managing the Belgrade shows of originally NYC Share.global network (www.share.dj), and recently started the club events named "Bass.exe" together with a team of almost 10 DJs playing BASS driven club music (dubstep, breakbeat,breakcore, idm, etc.).

  • Talmachou Piotr (BE), fluvial residence

    DANUBE residency from August 09th (Vukovar) to August 24th (Bratislava)

    Piotr Talmachou experimented with sound and thought about how to sonify invisible world of physical processes. Working in Antwerp in IT consultancy, he spends a lot of time implementing different sound and musical ideas starting from writing music and soundscapes for amateurs films and documentaries, real time recordings of live improvising on synthesizers by triggering them using hardware midi controllers and sequencer, making sound and musical collages… Currently he’s interested in depiction of complex processes and objects’ structures by means of sound rhythms and especially using algorithmic and kinetic approach.


  • Tanakan, fluvial residence

    DANUBE residency from August 3th (Beograd) to August 15th (Budapest)

    Christophe Rault aka Tanakan, is a sound engineer, producer, musician. He’s a Co-fondateur and iin charge of technical and artistic questions of the website ARTERadio.com created in 2001. He creates radiophonic and musical pieces, plays improvised dub-radiophonic lives with the band TDOS, and realizes training courses on the sound recording radio and the radio language. Administrator within the A.C.S.R of Brussels.


  • Tapol (de) Aymeric (FR), fluvial residence

    RHINE residency from July 19th (Mons) to August 03th (Antwerp)

    Aymeric de Tapol is a sound recorder for cinema and contemporary dance. He also takes part in various projects of sound and radiophonic improvisation. His work articulates between the idea of imaginary theme music, and natural sound recording confronted with an artificial nature created by a real-time and analogical digital treatment.

    http://www.laptitemaison.com/ptitemaison/article.php3?id_article=11 http://www.myspace.com/aymericdetapol

  • Thomas Prins (NO), guest artist

    Together with Lindstrom, Prins Thomas created the climax of the on-going fascination with retro futurism and space disco, with their self-titled debut album for the Belgian Eskimo Label. His own label Full Pupp has some of the best house-not-house, neo- disco or call-it-what-you-want dance music that you heard in a long time. All done by exclusive Norwegian talent, a new outfit called Internasjonal will join the global dots with producers from all corners of the known-world, where he currently turns up every weekend with a crate of vinyl, his record grips and an immaculate way to play with it. In other words, there is no. stopping him now!


  • Tilly Thomas / TÔ (F), fluvial residence

    DANUBE residency from July 15th (Giurgiu-Rousse) to August 10th (Vukovar)

    Composer, Thomas Tilly is a self-made-man musician using the microphone as main instrument in his work. In 2001, he created Tô, a "musique concrète " solo project. His work is mostly based on field recordings that he creates with founded objects. So, these works are always related to a space and a time.


  • Washington Sarah (UK), fluvial residence

    DANUBE residency from September 6th (Linz) to 13th (Nüremberg)

    Sarah Washington is an artist and organizer working with sound and radio. Formerly a Director of the London Musicians’ Collective, she helped set-up the radio station Resonance 104.4FM.

    For performance she creates hand-made electronic instruments by circuit bending toys, and utilizes ultrasonic devices and radio technology. Sarah creates innovative radio works, writes articles on radio and sound art, and teaches workshops for cultural institutions across Europe.

    She helped instigate the international network of independent radio stations called Radia and has been on the road since 2005 with the traveling European radio and sound art project Mobile Radio.


  • Watson Chris, guest artist

    Lives and works in England. A sound recordist with a particular and passionate interest in recording the wildlife sounds of animals, habitats and atmospheres from around the world. Founding member of the influential Sheffield-based experimental music group Cabaret Voltaire.His album Stepping into The Dark (Touch, 1996) won an award of distinction at the 2000 Prix ARS Electronica Festival.


  • Wegener Claudia (GB), fluvial residency

    DANUBE residency from July 31th (Beograd) to August 09th (Vukovar)

    claudia wegener (alias, RADIO CONTINENTAL DRIFT) on-line sampler: www.archive.org/details/RadioContinentalDrift is a listener with a bag who likes to listen to the ways how an environment becomes audible in languages, in spoken words, conversations. the preferred means of broad-casting her (more and less) audible writings and ‘dramatic’ field recordings are radio waves. these preferences have drawn her more and more into initiating and joining public sound and radio work such as, since spring 2007, the NO-GO-ZONES audio radio project.

    NO-GO-ZONES is a collaborative audio radio project developing slow broadcast and radio inter-action between listeners, or in other words, making air-space for and with radio communities. for a current stream of 100 influences on no-go-zones tune in at http://www.radio1001.org/ playlists and archive:

  • Wilde (de) Frederik, fluvial residence

    DANUBE residency from August 17th (Budapest) to August 31th (Vienna)

    His work situates itself in the interstice of art, science and technology. Frederik questions the different notions of art and how art functions as a katalysator and as a source for critical reflections in society. His work comprehends installation works, AV-works, soundworks, publications, ...

  • Wilson Tom (UK/RO), guest artist

    Tom Wilson is a DJ, producer and journalist who relocated to Romania in 2002. He has written for The Observer, The Independent and Dazed and Confused, works as an editor for Omagiu magazine and pens a number of monthly columns. He releases music on Dreamboat Records and his debut LP will come out later in 2008, under the name “These Are Not The Best of Times”. Tom is a fan of early minimalism, collects English folk revival records, secretly downloads happy hardcore mix tapes and is quite scared of dogs. Oh, and not to forget, he spins some of the best “academic” disco records!


  • Zanési Christian, guest artist

    The Essential actor of French acousmatic scene, Christian Zanési.

    http://www.radiofrance.fr/francemusique/bio/fiche.php?numero=5000120 http://www.myspace.com/romro3


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